• Erika Achilles

Backstage Pass... Our local manufacturing story

Anyone’s Daughter is made in NZ and we love that it’s made here. It creates more opportunities within the local industry.

Before you meet your new AD garment, up to 20 industry specialists have had a hand in creating it. This is your backstage pass to how it all happens…

It all begins with what can only be described as show and tell...

My desk is covered in magazine clippings, photos, postcards, tickets, sketches, artworks and fabric swatches I’ve collected and created along the way…

There are all kinds of things, some of which may not seem like they have anything to do with fashion, but they do, because Anyone’s Daughter is about women and lifestyle – a new collection has just begun!

One of my favourite parts of the design process is finding beautiful fabrics. I work with a small team of fabric agents who help me source the most beautiful quality fabrics from around the world which all adds to the uniqueness of the Anyone’s Daughter range.

Hundreds of designs have been drawn then edited down to the final collection for the season ahead.Notes are scribbled beside them, fabrics are chosen and the next creative process begins. The new collection is coming together and it finally has a name…

My pattern makers are the people who bring my illustrations and notes to life. Crafting shapes from traditional card or working their magic with a computerized system, two-dimensional drawings are transformed into three-dimensional garments, another step closer to becoming favourite pieces in my wardrobes and yours.

Together with my talented team, patterns are made and samples are developed.

It can take many samples to get a style just right.

Each sample is then wear tested, which just means I get to wear it first and test it out in the real world.

The styles that make the cut are then photographed and I make lookbooks for my sales team and I to begin our road trips, visiting all of our amazing stockists.

My production team are specialists, mainly scattered throughout the suburbs of Tauranga.

Fabrics are cut using perfected patterns and our garments are sewn by highly skilled people each chosen for their unique skills, shared values and commitment to quality.

Oh and just so you know I’ve personally visited my manufacturers almost every week for the last 15 years, they’re family run and some of the best in the business.

From here every piece is pressed, has a final quality check, ticketed, packaged and shipped to our awesome stockists.

Then I load each style online for you to fall in love with.

All this along with our printers and couriers adds up to a lot of talented NZ people working on your Anyone’s Daughter clothing. We know you love great value clothing and we believe NZ made is one of the most valuable things we can offer you.


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