• Erika Achilles

Chaos and excitement...

With the lead up to the new season it's a familiar feeling of chaos, excitement and overwhelm. The "To Do" list is getting bigger when it should be getting smaller but I know it will all come together eventually.

(I'm wearing the Thunder Kiss Cardi - Shimmer and the Midnight Rose Tee - Black / Yellow Rose. There are a couple of lucky lasts on sale now).

I've been organizing production of the new Spring / Summer range, pressing styles and packing boxes, getting ready to send the first delivery to our stockists very soon.

I've also been putting the finishing touches on our Autumn / Winter 2022 sample collection, styling and photographing the range, putting together the lookbook and getting ready for a road trip to show all our stockists throughout New Zealand.

And I fully stepped out of my comfort zone last weekend when I was asked to speak to this years Miss Rotorua contestants with a film crew there making a new TVNZ show following their competition journey. I shared my business story, judged a styling competition and did a mini fashion show with some pieces from the upcoming spring range. It was an interesting day and I’m excited / nervous to see the show.

In amongst all this chaos and excitement I just want to thank you for supporting Anyone's Daughter. It isn't just about buying something (although I LOVE it when you do!), it's the liking and commenting on photos, it's the messages you send me, the story replies, the sharing posts, it makes all the difference and adds to this community we're building.

Thank you.

Erika 🖤

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