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Girl Power is not a trend...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The theme I chose for the new Anyone's Daughter Spring collection is “GIRL POWER IS NOT A TREND” because Girl Power is more than just a hash tag. It's about showing up for another woman and offering her real life support. It's making an introduction. It's smiling first. It's being honest and direct, yet kind. It's celebrating her success.

I decided I will not apologise for my passion, my lifestyle or my success.

I will not apologise for my champagne drinking, red lipstick wearing, rock music playing, roller skate riding self. I will not apologise for being ME. And you should not apologise for being YOU.

Girl hate is an epidemic that is sadly not subsiding. Scathing comments and gossip trails abound. Women shaming each other because someone likes the colour pink? Or someone has more money than the other? What the f***?

Hate always loses.

I pity people who take the time to try and bring others down - they have to be in a really awful place to stoop that low. Successful, happy, positive people don’t have time to make nasty comments. They’re too busy being successful, happy and positive.

If you’ve experienced girl hate I challenge you to respond by performing a random act of girl power kindness to another woman. Pay for someone’s coffee, compliment a stranger, send a kind message to someone you admire. And do it wearing the brightest or most badass outfit you can find!

Erika x

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