• Erika Achilles

Do I look ok?

Do I look ok?

Can I wear this?

Does my cellulite really look that bad?

Can they see my scars in this?

Should I wear this?

Can I wear this colour?

Thousands of questions before I leave the house. This was me for a long time. But why? Super insecure about my look. I worry too much and over think even more.

Being scared what other people think is one of the worst feelings.

Those beauty standards that are making so many of us sick, unhealthy. We do whatever it takes to look like those girls in the magazines, on instagram and on TV, we want to look perfect. No cellulite, stretch marks, scars or wrinkles. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect legs, perfect tummy… the perfect lie!

We want something we see online, TV or in magazines, but why? Because someone said this is pretty and that isn’t?

I exercise, eat healthy (most of the time) and take care of my body the best I can, but I still have stretch marks, scars and cellulite. So what!

Does it mean I’m ugly, unhealthy and should hide at home? Society wants us to think we are worse because of our flaws, but they actually make us real and beautiful. Let’s try not to be so hard on ourselves and enjoy life!

Erika. 🖤

P.S. I’m wearing the Sister Top – Vintage White Lace. Made in New Zealand.

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