• Erika Achilles

Black Friday - why we've chosen to sit this one out...

For a while now, Black Friday hasn’t sat well with me. It’s an American phenomenon that in recent years has captured the Australasian retail world, but I’ve been feeling the frenzy and hype behind Black Friday kind of flies in the face of our own values. Let me explain…

In recent years the Black Friday phenomenon has swept the globe, encouraging brands to produce stuff they know they’ll sell at a discount, more and more stuff. But that’s not how Anyone’s Daughter works, we only make what we think our customers will want, and often even then we don’t make enough, and so our garments feel special – we value each garment and know the care and effort that goes into making each one.

We’ve been considering our position when it comes to conscious consuming vs over consumption. We’ve been educating ourselves as much as we possibly can, attending sustainability conferences, reading, researching, and as part of our learning we have decided not to take part in Black Friday sales.

One of our missions is to continually move to a more sustainable place of business, which means not partaking in frenzied discounting. It doesn’t mean we won’t ever discount, but there’s a time and a place. We know a lot of people will still shop the sales (there’ll be wonderful stuff available from brands we love I’m sure) and that’s fine! But we’ll sit this one out.

We hope this message is received in the spirit with which it is shared, with the view of being our best selves. And of course we want to hear what you think. Let us know!

Erika 🖤

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