• Erika Achilles


I used to tell myself I’d only be able to have a business if it’s in the part of town where the rent is cheap.

I used to tell myself I could never dye my hair blonde (or pink. It’s rose gold actually!) because I was too old / too fat / not the kind of girl who could pull it off.

I used to tell myself I had to have a regular job with a regular pay day because I had a mortgage and family to feed.

I used to tell myself I’d never publish a book because I wasn’t well known or mainstream enough to appeal to the masses.

I used to tell myself I’d never be in a “normal” loving relationship because I was too dysfunctional / f**ked up / unworthy.

Isn’t that insane?

When left neglected our minds try to keep us small. Every year we are one year older, one year closer to death. I know that sounds morbid but I’ve never been one to sugar coat anything. I’ve always wanted to push, challenge and inspire.

I listed out everything I did last year and someone told me I’d accomplished more in one year that most people do in a lifetime. And that’s because I chase my dreams like my life depends on them – because it does! When you make your bucket list your to-do list your life changes.

So… what’s on today’s agenda?

P.S. I'm wearing the Eclipse Dress because chic simplicity makes a powerful statement. It's a soft georgette dress in a flattering length, perfect to wear as is or layer over skinny jeans. It’s a light weight style that will make a statement when dressed up or down. Made in NZ. Available now.

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