• Erika Achilles

Mean Girls...

My husband and I were recently invited to a Prada Cup event in Auckland, a day out on an 82ft luxury motor launch, fully catered, open bar.

And of course the huge priority was… WHAT TO WEAR?

Here I am working my butt off, doing things I’ve never done, celebrating professional achievements and the only thing I can hear is my inner mean girl saying all kinds of things like…

  • Your legs need a tan so bad.

  • Where are those grey hairs coming from?

  • Your eyebrows could do with a shape.

  • You’d look so much better if you lost 10kgs.

  • Is that a new wrinkle?

  • Why is your skin so dry?

  • Wait, is that a freaking pimple in the middle of my forehead? Gross!

I mean, for real, would you EVER hang out with someone who spoke to you that way? HELL NO. Then why do we continue to hang out with the bitchy mean girl that lives in our head like a freeloaded never paying rent?

Shut. Her. Up. There is nothing to fix.

One thing that always helps me get a reality check is remembering there is someone my age right now who is struggling, sick or lying in a hospital bed that would trade anything to be in your place. She was me just a few years ago. So who am I now to be walking around in this healthy, alive, beautiful body and complaining about it.

This life is a privilege and YOU are a gift.

Now, back to the self love, outfits and this new Viper Room Top

I think we have a winner!

P.S. Unfortunately the event was postponed due to the Level 3 lockdown and then cancelled because of another Level 3 lockdown. So we decided to do a local date night instead with dinner at the pub and some arcade games. You can wear Anyone’s Daughter anywhere - luxury launch or local pub!

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