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Updated: Nov 27, 2019

There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness these days. Me? I struggle to be mindful. I’m the person who watches TV, phone in one hand as I stalk (I mean scroll) through social media, while having multiple messenger conversations, while also watching videos about how to perfect the smoky eye, while also replying to emails, all while trying not to spill my wine and thinking about what I’m doing tomorrow.

I run a business, have written a book, write for multiple social media pages and publications, speak at events and workshops and volunteer in my community all the while trying to be a great wife, mother, boss and friend.

I get that it’s f*cking tough to be mindful.

Which is why I get that you probably rolled your eyes when you saw that word. Yet, truth be told, in our fast paced world it’s exactly what we need to be. More and more people are accepting that mindfulness is necessary.

The health and wellness industry has seen a real boost in women being more mindful about their well-being. We’re mindful when we pick out our coordinated active wear, we’re mindful as we’re drinking our kale filled green smoothie, and we’re mindful trying not to think about donuts when we’re in the downward facing dog position.

My friend Angie from Angelena Davies - Flow recently described mindfulness to me as noticing the present moment without judgment. Notice what you notice. Not judging and just accepting what is. I love that! So I’ve been set with a challenge – to do a mindful DOT (Do One Thing) – choose one thing to practice… a mindful cup of tea, a shower, driving, brushing your teeth, hugging someone.
This is my challenge this week. Are you joining me?

Erika x

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