• Erika Achilles

NZ Made...

Next month we’ll be celebrating 13 years of Anyone’s Daughter!

In that time I’ve gone from one small store in downtown Tauranga, to creating global sales opportunities.

We’ve gone from communicating via fax machines to now sending daily emails and instant messages.

Everything we photograph is no longer on processed film, we now have digital immediacy.

We’ve moved from print media, to constantly changing social media platforms and the changes in the industry are constantly evolving.

But some things never change.

Anyone’s Daughter has always been about versatile, wearable pieces, which work for long term relationships, not a one wear fling.

It’s about just the right amount of attitude, pieces you can wear from day to evening, season to season.

I believe in keeping it affordable while not compromising on quality, and keeping everything locally made wherever possible.

We are still proudly made in New Zealand.

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