• Erika Achilles

NZ Made...

Anyone’s Daughter is designer fashion with a feminine mood and a street smart edge – based in Tauranga and proudly made in New Zealand.

We love that it’s made here. It creates more opportunities within the local industry. Before you meet your new Anyone’s Daughter garment, up to 20 industry specialists have had a hand in creating it.

All our garments are made in small family run businesses and produced in limited edition numbers to ensure exclusivity. These choices come at a greater cost than mass offshore production but we believe that investing in garments made from quality fabrics and produced ethically will always be a better option long term for both your budget and the environment.

We’re proud of supporting the local industry for the past 14 years. A choice that seems more important than ever right now. Investment pieces that will last a life time. We know you love great value clothing and we believe NZ made is one of the most valuable things we can offer you.

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