• Erika Achilles

Play by your own rules...

It makes no sense to me to take advice from people who don’t have what we want – not successful, not happy, not wealthy, often not even proficient in the areas we’re aiming to excel in. Yet that’s what we often do, questioning ourselves because of what Aunty Sharon had to say about our online business when she barely knows what Instagram is and is in a 9-5 job she loves to complain about.

If we keep worrying about other people’s opinions we never accomplish anything. You need to base your decisions about what YOU want to do on YOUR goals and desires – not the goals, desires, opinions and judgments of your friends, family, partner, children and coworkers.

Stop worrying about what other people think about what you’re doing and start playing by your own rules! Erika 🖤

P.S. I'm wearing the Freedom Jacket and the Eclipse Dress. Made in NZ and available now.

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