• Erika Achilles

Sorry it’s not on sale…

There are some people who get upset when styles sell out. They have waited for the piece they've had their eye on to “go on sale” but it never did. It sold out. They missed out. Well, that’s the plan. All our styles are part of limited edition collections and if people aren’t buying what I’m selling, I don’t have a business.

I just want to let you know why we don’t have huge sales and pop up clearances. Here are just a few reasons why. Just in case you were wondering…

Women who buy my clothes like adding a bit of edge to an outfit. They appreciate subtle points of difference and like to be on trend, without having to share the contents of their wardrobe with the masses. We only make 20 – 30 units in most styles, sometimes less. They are limited edition. We are not over producing. We keep it incredibly tight because I don’t want to flood the market and have women arriving at events, each one dressed the same as the next. And at the same time, I want the product to sell out.

Limited edition really does mean limited edition, so when you do see something on sale it really is the very lucky last of the season (or a second or a sample).

Our collections are mainly made to our stockists orders, by hand with minimum wastage and to ensure we provide the best quality product at the best possible price, proudly made here in New Zealand.

There are so many reasons but one of the biggest factors for me personally is I want you to trust the brand I’ve spent the last 13 years building.

I am so grateful for the support of our beautiful stockists and all our online friends.

Thank you.

Erika xx

P.S. You can check out the very lucky lasts of our summer collection here - on sale now.

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