• Erika Achilles

Stay safe, stay sane, stay home...

My home studio is now closed for visitors but I’m still busy working behind the scenes and sending out online orders. Couriers are still working so you can still shop online.

I realize buying new clothes isn’t going to be a top priority for most people during this time but I think it’s important to keep our passions alive and I certainly don’t want to lose mine or my business.

Posting on social media and getting some likes doesn’t come close to helping an elderly neighbour, or looking after a friend’s kids while they are working in essential services. The validation part of social media feels so irrelevant in a time of crisis. But I’m still going to try and share some behind the scenes, some new season styles and I’ll be writing some more regular blogs. Who knows, I may even get brave enough to share a video.

Hopefully this will open up some conversations and social media connection and maybe there’ll be a few sales along the way too.

After things calm down, NZ fashion will be excellent, as ever. I have no doubt. These challenges are terrifying and unique but we will always rise to the challenge. Not only designers but communities, students, teachers – I believe kindness and learning new things is truly the only thing that needs to remain consistent.

Thank you for your support.

Stay safe, stay sane, stay home!

Erika 🖤

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