• Erika Achilles

This is me...

This is me - a self-confessed, somewhat crazy (yes, my mother even had me tested), business woman, wife, mother, designer, dreamer, story teller... the creative brain behind New Zealand's much loved fashion brand - ANYONE'S DAUGHTER.

​ I’m a girl who loves rock music, roller skating, driving with the window down, red lipstick and black lace, comfortable denim cut offs with animal print slides or black leather high tops - a little bit NZ beach meets grunge, fitting my Bay of Plenty roots, not always the glam image of fashion industry success. ​ I'm known for saying what I think, I swear a lot, I listen to rock music, love supercharged cars and I wear a lot of black. Some people have names for these things – I’ve been called a witch, bitch, bogan... ​ I can find any excuse to celebrate with a glass of wine.I am a woman who has spent her entire life obsessively trying to become comfortable in her own skin.I am a woman who desperately tries to dispel the completely unattainable ideas that society has brainwashed us into believing:

That women must be flawless, simultaneously feminine and strong – but not too strong. Successful - but not the point where she threatens a man. Beautiful - but not to the point where our beauty intimidates other women. Confident – as long as we don’t say it out loud. And skinny. Don’t forget skinny! ​

If you’re ready to style your wardrobe and your mind then you’re in the right place. ​ Welcome to Anyone’s Daughter. I’ve been waiting for you…

Erika x

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