• Erika Achilles


It’s crazy to think that just a week ago I’d just finished my road trip around the North Island visiting all my stockists and meeting with potential buyers and my fabric agents who all seemed pretty optimistic about the future.

Today, while I still feel optimistic, I also now have some new besties called frustration, worry and stress hanging out with me, and my anxiety feels like it’s slammed a whole box of Berocca.

But it’s funny that I don’t feel fear. Maybe it’s because I’ve already lost my marbles? Maybe it’s because having a business in this ever changing industry of fashion already has me living in a discomfort zone? Maybe it’s just because my heart can’t go there?

In these last few days I have also reflected on just how lucky I am to have my family safe and healthy, I have some great friends to chat with and keep me laughing, I have plenty of work and hobbies to keep me occupied at home and my kids are discovering that it really is OK to not be “cool”.

Who knew that all the uncool stuff we do would become our greatest gifts - gardening, baking, arts and crafts and being pretty badass at board games!

Erika 🖤

P.S. This photo was taken last week in Auckland. I'm wearing the Eclipse Dress (available now) and the Wild Side Coat (will be available shortly after this lock down is lifted).

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